The Crystal Boutique runs 1x monthly during the colder winter months. We are local merchants that specialize mostly in crafting/selling items that are crystal related, but we always include other vendors of interest and a psychic reader for entertainment to round out your shopping experience! It’s always FREE to attend! The parking is ample, NO CROWDS or PARKING HASSLES, it’s WARM INSIDE, kid friendly and handicapped accessible. Cash is the preferred method of payment, but most vendors accept credit cards too.

NEXT EVENT IS NOVEMBER 25th – The Saturday after Thanksgiving!  11a-5p at the Safety Consortium 400 W. Lawndale (2500 so. and 1 block west of 300 west) in SLC

VENDOR LIST – We will have over 17 local vendors for you to browse for all your holiday shopping needs! (More being added, so keep checking in)

House of Good JuJu                  Krystalin’s Mystical Boutique                         Phoenix Creations                    Living Light Institute of Energy Healing Arts            Utah Rockhounding         Jennafer Martin-Psychic                  Crystal Fairy     Rockhoundgrimm                CJ Energy/Soulworx                   Vibe Bottle                  Herbal Apothecary                        Inspirations for Inner Peace                 Under Pressure Massage                 Doula’s Apothecary                                   Lydia’s Healing Jewelry           Warming Sun Supply                               Immortal Jewelry

House of Good JuJu –  Positive Mystiques for You and Your Home! We are Purveyors of Good JuJu! Spiritual, Mystical and Magickal Mists, Soy Candles, Oils, Washes, and Sacred Ceremony Kits. Everything to Cleanse, Bless, Protect, and bring Abundance to your home and space. All items crafted with Positive Intent. Always conjured with White Light and crafted when the moon is right! Tools to inspire positive change. Natural ingredient items that are a perfect accompaniment to Yoga, Meditation, Energy and Spiritual work. Our products are meant to inspire and aid you on your Spiritual Journey.


Jennafer Martin is an experienced intuitive who specializes in giving you guidance about your life through tarot/oracle card readings, helping you understand your soul’s journey and purpose through past life and spirit guide readings and giving you insights to better understand your companion animals’ feelings and thoughts through pet psychic readings. She delivers messages with warmth and humor to help you get the answers you seek. A lifelong empath, Jennafer is also an intuitive coach, certified Reiki practitioner and non-denominational ordained minister with experience in a variety of practices, traditions and modalities. She loves helping people and their pets! Find out more about her at

11_COSMIC CREATIONS_11                             I currently make custom wire wraps/crystal jewelry, and metal tree sculptures. If you are interested in the metaphysical properties of crystals, I am pretty familiar with them and can tell you which crystals correspond to the kind of things/types of healing you are looking for, including which crystals correspond to certain zodiac signs. If you have a stone of your own that is special to you and already serves you, you can send it to me and I will wrap it. I can also find specific stones at request to work on, and I have a lot in stock at all times as well. I am truly inspired by anyone who follows their dreams by doing what they love and what makes them happy. I believe it is important for us all to support each other and our dreams/passions. Community emphasis is very important to me. I love collaborating in any way possible with other artists and members of my communities. There are so many artists out there that I admire that it is hard to give any specific names. Inspiration can be gained from many aspects and perspectives. I think I am the most inspired when I can feel true expression, passion, and soul, whether it is someone else’s work or my own. The process of art and creation is cosmic, universal, limitless. Sometimes it feels as if we are channeled to create.


ROCKHOUNDGRIMM – Aaron Grimshaw of Utah Rockhounding and Rockhoundgrimm






WARMING SUN SUPPLY – “Living the dream south of Salt Lake City, UT. Purveying good-vibe products. Making botanical blends, devising healing foods and crafting copper and crystal jewelry. Crystal whispering, plant channeling, neighborhood Earth medicine lady.”











Doula’s Apothecary