There are 8 modules.  Module 7 is the last “class” and 8 is a student practical/lab day. Classes may be given out of order pending scheduled class times & dates.

Scroll down below calendar to see descriptions & prices of each Module

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Module 1 – 2-3 hours – Orientation, paperwork, beginning the journey as a crystal healer. Dress comfortably for meditation. Bring notebook & writing utensil.     

Module 2 – 2.5 hours – History, science, spirituality & crystal energy. LOADED with information. Bring notebook & writing utensil.   

Module 3 – 3 hours – Chakra intensive. Energy body, chakra layouts & more. You will need the stones listed on the supply handout by this module.    

Module 4 – 2 hours – Elixirs & Grids. Learn what these are, how to make them & their benefits.     

Module 5 – 2.5 hours – Technique. A variety of techniques & practices will be covered. The fun HANDS ON stuff!      

Module 6 – 2 hours – Energy Integrity. Understanding the importance of keeping your energy intact is paramount in energy healing. If you thought you understood energy, this class will give you some new/missing information to think about!     

Module 7 – 2 hours – Ethics & Professionalism. Keeping the standard of our practices in high integrity using “best practices”. 

Module 8 –  Lab/Practicals day. Putting your knowledge to work on your friends or the public. An opportunity to get some of your graduation requirements completed in a group setting overseen by the instructor. 

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