Classes are taught at a variety of venues around Salt Lake City. Most are  at Fiore Studio in West Jordan. Laurie is available for private classes and speaking events in or out of state.

In addition to Crystal Healer Certification, here is a list of classes offered since 2010:

ENERGY INTEGRITY/Metaphysics of Personal Energy Management  –  A 3 part series regarding energies in the unseen world. As the veil thins, more people are seeing and experiencing unexplainable events. Once energy is understood, we are empowered and there need not be fear. For the serious practitioner of healing or anyone experiencing attacks or events of a “supernatural” nature. There has been a lack of understanding in the world of how energy works, we’ve only been learning part of the information. Most people are largely unaware how & why their energy is compromised because we can’t see it. We blame our energy drain, poor health or mental issues on tangible things or events rather than taking into consideration the results of our actions and that entities can attach as a result. To be an effective conduit of light, one must KNOW THYSELF in a deeper way enough to know when and how to maintain our own energetic integrity. How these energies are picked up, WHAT THEY ARE, how to get clear of them, and how to shield and protect. Grounding, protection, shielding are terms often used within “healer culture” but we’ve been missing several key components to our education about energy and healing. Now you can access a new level of information that defines and supports the terms in a much deeper and intense level.

Space Clearing Workshop     This is a fun experiental and learning workshop where several methods of space clearing are discussed, along with their uses and historical origins. We will learn several personal energy space clearing (internal & external) and home space clearing methods, practice and experience them in class. Attendees will take home several herbs and goodies that comes in your space clearing sampler kit. ** This is a pre-requisite class to a certification program for professional space clearing but you may take it as a stand alone course.  You’ll walk away with a completeunderstanding of how to cleanse yourself, your personal space and home space/property.

Spirit Intervention Certification     There are 2 pre-requisite classes for this course: Energy Integrity and Space Clearing Workshop. The course prepares and certifies individuals for working as professional space clearing advocates, which encompasses aspects of spirit intervention where needed. There are higher levels of expertise which one can work toward. Your own understanding and connection to Divine energy can be maintained while cultivating aspects of shamanism, spirituality and your own processes.

Channeling 101      Everyone has intuitive abilities and a way to receive guidance from higher consciousness. In this class we will discuss, learn and practice channeling. The methods introduced here are easy for anyone of any belief system to incorporate. It is not about religion, it’s about tapping into higher guidance and consciousness. Learn: What channeling is and isn’t, how to tap into your inner source for guidance, what it feels like, and safeguards/methods for communicating with your higher guidance.

All About Crystal Skulls I & II     Class 1 – If you are serious on the path of self-discovery and awareness, a crystal skull is a tool that expedites the process. This 2 hr powerpoint presentation is info packed and will save hours of book and website reading. It sums up and explains the historical info, lore and legends, scientific testing, various theories, the well known faces in the International Crystal Skull community, touring ancient skulls and photos from their visits to Salt Lake, legend of the 13 skulls, and information channeled from Archangel Metatron that answers what science has not been able to (and then some!). Activated crystal skulls will be on hand, so bring yours for energy upgrades!

Class 2 – After larning the basics and worldly facts & info about Crystal Skulls in part 1, this class focuses more on the metaphysical and energetic info on how to use, activate and work with your crystal skull for personal transformation. What to expect when you have sessions with the larger/ancient crystal skulls, working with your own CS and getting the most out of your transformational journey.


Meditation 101 For Beginners     Meditation is the most basic practice to begin opening up the gateway of knowledge within! Learn why it was mastered by Mystery School initiates and how you can begin the process easily, health and consciousness benefits are also discussed. We will practice some easy techniques.

Meditating with Crystals      Learn how meditation is enhanced, deepened and intensified with the use of crystal! Whether you are a beginner or advanced student of meditation, the process of using crystals during, is a practice dating back centuries. We start with the theory portion of how this interaction with crystals and the human energy field works and then practice a few techniques to detect crystal energy and discern the difference of meditation with and without crystal. These will give you the tools to discern how it will best work with your own energy as you explore it further on your own.

Pyramid Energy       The the geometry of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt provides a blueprint for the metaphysical properties and benefits of working with pyramid ENERGY. Learn and discuss the various ways which using a pyramid has been known to enhance psychic ability and mental energy as well as for healing, treating/preserving food/water and much more!   Contrary to early beliefts, the pyramids were not used as tombs for kings, but rather holds an ancient and mystical blueprint to obtain higher consciousness…and so much more! This is an extremely eye opening and information packed class!  We will do in house experiments with a smaller copper pyramid and have the opportunity to sit under and experience the energies of a full body metal frame pyramid with a 6 ft square base. Meditate and feel the energies and sacred geometry within!

Chakra Sound Healing Meditation      A short explanation of crystal energy and sound healing, before we set our intention for meditation. Relax and be guided through a meditational journey of the chakras within a vortexial field of quartz crystal, with the assistance of sound (with various instruments) to help release, heal and clear each chakra one by one. A master sound healer will join us and the meditation portion lasts about 45 minutes.

All About Chakras    Knowing the chakras is an essential foundation for anyone interested in learning energy healing, self-awareness, healing themselves or exploring intuition and expanding your natural gifts! We take an in depth look at these energy centers and how they become inbalanced & explore the stones that help heal them, and how to do a chakra stone layout on the body.

Crystal Meditation-Past Life Connections      Come prepared to relax within a crystal grid vortex of white light energy, and be shamanically guided through a meditation to regress you into the recesses of the sub-conscious mind where you will be shown clues about a past incarnation and receive a gift of your wisdom from that time to be used in THIS lifetime for empowerment!

Crystal Meditation-Meet a Spirit Guide      Relax and be shamanically guided to meet a spirit guide who will have a message or gift for you. This is done within a crystalline energy field/vortex created by Laurie, a Master of Crystology and Inca Shaman.  The crystalline field provides deeper access to meditation, your guides and offers protection.

Crystal Meditation-Gratitude & Healing the Body     The meditative focus is on health and healing of the physical body. You will be taken on a journey of your internal physical body, speak with body parts, give gratitude and ask for healing to create the health we want in our lives. This is done within a vortexial field of crystals built by the instructor, and will be shamanically guided & protected.

Crystal Wisdom – Growth Formations 1, 2 & 3        3 classes devoted to the growth formations and special healing/metaphysical properties of quartz (mostly). There are well over 40 varieties of these to study and we will look at 10+ each class.You’ll get to touch, see and feel most all the varieties we discuss. Great for those trying to learn more about crystals and is supplemental to Crystal Healer Certification!  Becoming fluent on these formations will really add to your own personal “crystal wisdom” and enhance your overall crystal experience!

Stones for Intuition     Which stones are used for enhancing intuition and psychic ability? Discussion and example stones on hand, discussion of methods and ways to use your stones to enhance your natural gifts!

Calcite & Fluorite     The wonderful and diverse world of Calcite crystals and Fluorite! Lots of fun examples and hands on playing as we discuss various growth patterns, the metaphysical and healing properties of these stones

Crystal Channeling Night   Bring a favorite crystal of yours and I will read the encoded information and its energies, relaying the messages it has for you. As an option, I can give it a shamanic activation if you have a certain intention you’d like to have it assist you with. We’ll have a brief discussion about crystal energy and the ways information is stored within, ancient uses and a bit about crystal divination.

Make a Sacred Vision Board      A Vision board is a conglomerate of pictures on a posterboard that is a “blueprint” to what you are striving for. We additionally use the shamanic sacred geometry of Inca Shamanism to imbue our boards with an extra “kick” of energy and intention.

Introduction to Inca Shamanism                 How can it assist me to transform my life, remove blocks & limiting beliefs, to rise above addictions, abuse, trauma, to develop a personal inner process to empower myself and be more connected to those I love and to the Universe? What about shifting my DNA, is it possible? Is there a way to connect directly to my own Spirit Guides or Source for the sacred geometry to shift? What are the 5 elements of creation? What are the 12 points of the Inca Cross? What are energy gifts? How do I open and live from my heart?
ALL THESE and more will be explored in this introduction to Inca Shamanism, a powerful ancient modality that embodies shifting and transformation on 5 levels of your being.

Introduction to Crystal Healing    A look into how crystals, the natural gifts of mother earth, can assist us and our well being on many different levels.

Exploring Intuition   Everyone is gifted and has some type of intuition! This afternoon long workshop is designed to help you understand the different types of intuition/psychic ability, determine which one you are strongest in, and explore exercises to help enhance and develop them.


9 WEEKS TO COMPLETION    A deep exploration of self! Meeting once a week for 9 weeks, we will explore and uncover many of your blocks and limiting beliefs/core beliefs that are keeping you small, afraid and in fear of moving into the glorious truth of who you are. If you are ready and courageous enough to look within at your FEELINGS and some of your past experiences that may have distorted your own self image and the way you look at the world and interact with it, this is a gentle and easy series, complete with meditations and introductions to various healing modalities and exercises that support and heal you.


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